About Us

Turing Point is a boutique consultancy focussed on providing advanced thought leadership for organizations that are keen to enhance the effectiveness and quality of their governance models to transform the way they operate in order to achieve significant overall performance improvement in a predictable time frame. Our consulting core skills include but are not limited to artificial intelligence/machine learning and data science.

Our forte is our original innovative thinking. We recognize and respect the existing paradigms and tools that have evolved over a century of human thought contributions across multiple disciplines such as Economics, Business Management and Information Technology. At the same time we’re cognizant that in the current dynamic, fast-changing world, organizational leaders need to constantly improve the effectiveness of their decision making in order to remain up to date and competitive.

We encourage leaders/decision makers within every kind of organization to invest in developing their own next generation of AI-based governance tools that address gaps in existing systems. To support such initiatives we offer unique guidance which is the outcome of over 25 years of research. Such guidance includes recommendations on data models, machine learning algorithms, architecture, technology choice, resource skill requirements and delivery roadmaps for every organization to develop their own next generation of governance solutions to achieve enhanced levels of KPI performance and effectiveness.