To strengthen and enhance our capabilities further Turing Point is building partnerships with carefully-chosen like-minded senior industry professionals with whom we have built close relationships over the years.

Each of these partnerships brings additional value to the offerings already available at Turing Point.


  1. MANORAY is a unique business partnership led by Thiery MANOR and Tirthankar RAYChaudhuri who are mature industry professionals with decades of experience in Enterprise IT leadership at top tier organizations such as IBM, HP, Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), Cisco and DEC.
  2. Our abilities cover but are not limited to strategic consulting and thought-leadership for technology-based enterprise transformation and delivering a wide range of innovative technology solutions including systems integration and advanced AI/machine learning offerings.
  3. We are based in Sydney however we are enabled to provide high quality skills in specialized areas of expertise from global locations such as India and Israel.
  4. The experience of our principals spans a wide range of industry verticals including Banking/Financial Services, Telecommunications, Government/Public Sector, Higher Education, Retail, Healthcare, Biotech and E-Commerce.


Algoscale are a trusted offshore delivery partner for Data Engineering and AI Development including LLM based applications


MME Technologies are a trusted offshore delivery partner for UX design, Web, Mobile app and E-Commerce development including Payment Gateway Integration.