What We Offer

Turing Point offers unique guidance to support your organization-wide initiatives of building AI-based bespoke governance and operational capabilities.

Such guidance includes but is not limited to recommendations on
i) Data models and data engineering,

ii) Machine learning algorithms (a wide range: both generative and discriminative),

iii) Architecture,

iv) Technology choice,

v) Resource skill requirements and/p>

vi) Delivery roadmaps

vii) Optimization and optimal control of high-dimensional data models (our speciality)

We at Turing Point are able to help all organizations develop theirown next generation of smart solutions..

The Turing Point team also offers Consulting Services for reviewing an organization’s existing AI solution end-to-end and thereafter suggesting improvements which we can assist with.

Additionally we offer Consulting Services and a Best Practice Framework for an organization to become fully AI-driven.

Here is a presentation on our Smart Governance offering.